The Many Benefits Of A Free Offer

The Many Benefits Of A Free Offer

The Many Benefits Of A Free OfferThere are many benefits of a free offer. By “free offer” I mean something that you, the website owner and photographer, provides to website visitors for free to download.

The average photographer does not know what to offer visitors or why, so let’s discuss that for a little.

At my website I have two download offers currently. One is a pre-shoot checklist to help photographers and customers plan for a photo session. The other is a long exposure checklist which is useful for anyone looking to try long exposure photography.

Both of which need a website visitor to enter their email address to download. When someone completes the form he/she is then placed into an email marketing list. This process is called a conversion and the visitor is now a lead. A lead is someone that I can then engage with and try to perform another conversion into a paid customer.

Visitor >> Lead >> Customer
(where >> is a conversion)

That’s the process you need to understand and know well. It’s straight forward, but requires thought and planning to make it work well.

Wedding photographers can take advantage of techniques like this, and it all starts with a free offer. Many wedding photographers get lost when they begin thinking about what to offer and how. That’s because most wedding photographers are in fact photographers – not marketers.

That is also why I decided to create the wedding photographer conversion kit. So that wedding photographers now have a proven method of converting visits to leads.

The conversion kit includes a variety of Photoshop templates to create a magazine or eBook that is optimized for attracting quality visits. I say quality visits because the kit also comes with a sample landing page that is search engine optimized.

When implemented, site visitors will being searching for help planning their weddings. You, the photographer, will have a document that these visitors can download for free to help the planning process.

Yet, the document you create will also have your sample photographs, your vendor network and your contact information.

So besides SEO and attracting and converting quality leads, there are a few other benefits:

  • You are portraying yourself as an expert
  • You are building your vendor network
  • You are keeping your brand in people’s minds
  • You are offering something of value without selling
  • You have the chance to remarket to valuable leads

I didn’t want to stop with just templates, though. So I gathered some of the best content related to this approach, to email marketing and conversion optimization. The content is organized into an eight week email campaign. The emails aren’t daily, and each is valuable to further expanding on just what’s included in the kit.

Also, I am making myself available to help the wedding photographers who buy the kit. That way if anyone is stuck with a step they can ask questions and get help.

So with that all said – I encourage all wedding photographers who are in need of a system like this, and looking for a way to attract and convert new leads to please check out the wedding photographer conversion kit.  Click here to learn more.

Thanks and good luck,

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